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Japanese Food

As people may falsely believe, Japanese food does not at all only consist of Sushi.

There’s a huge number of other meals avaiable. In this post I want to show, but “stuff” I discovered here in Japan.

The Bakery Shop

Even though bread is not one of the major inventions of the Japanese cuisine, there’s still an excellent bread shop in Kichijoji in west Tokyo.

The bread here looks small and in fact it is. It’s also quite expensive. But it’s very delicious. The bakery shop itself is located in a backyard in the basement of a building.

Two Women In A Breadshop
Raisin Bread

The Ice Cream Shop

Again Japan is not considered as the main ice-cream country. But however, if you look closely, there’s a big variety of delicious (and non-delicious) ice-creams. First of all, ice-cream is available nearly everywhere. At least in every コンビニ (convinience store) there’s a freezer storing iced-lollies, ice-cream in a cone or box. Many of them are already delicious. In the summer there is also a huge variety of shops providing trespassers with soft ice-cream.

But the most existing shop is probably in Ikebukuro, Japan. They have more than 300 kinds of ice cream and among these flavours are exotic ones like: rice, corn, whiskey, beer, snake, crab, honey, carrot, green tea, miso, burbon, mushroom, chicken, pork and other things but also traditional ones like vanilla and strawberry. The cost is between 200-500 yen.

One of the several shelves in the Ikebukuro Ice-Cream World

The Curry Shop

Curry is a very good choice for a fast-food in Japan. Many shops are dedicated to that wonderful creation (like CoCo), others still have them available (e.g. Matsuya).

Again the same building like the above mentioned ice-cream shop holds another surprise for the eye in thise case:

Cat Curry?

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