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The Forest Of Nara

Once upon a time there was a man. He had no name. Because where he came from, people didn’t need names. He lived in a country in the east, and despite this country had an emporer the man was just a normal man.
He was already old. He has seen many days in which he met a lot of people. Some of them have died and since he only rarely met new people his life changed.
One day he made a walk into a deep forest. He found a clear path into the forest, that was not covered by plants. But there were no people around. Apparently the road was a magic one, cause something just kept the plants away.
He found a glade with a bench. There was already some moss on the bench and hence he found it comfortable.
And even though it was a glade the bench was always in the shadow in the summer and in the sun during winter.
He liked the bench and returned every day. One day he even took his bike along.
The ghosts of the forest didn’t know such thing as a bike. But they were very courious. They sent all kind of creatures to meet the man. Birds, insects, the wind came, the sun look, the deer crossed the glade and the man became a part of the forest.

If he didn’t die he must still be there! :-)

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