1. Laura

    This is a lovely website, Konst…full of excellent images you have created.

    I especially love this spider photograph. Here we have similar, but not exactly the same, and they are called Argiope spiders. They make very unique, exquisitely spun webs and are known for the patterns of intricacy in the centers. Their legs are marked similar to this, the bodies different but shaped similarly, and are relatively large for spiders.

    So that doesn’t answer your question, but your photography as always, exquisite. The web, so difficult to shoot, is perfectly done here.

    I am so glad to hear from you, that you are enjoying your time in Japan. And thanks for the link. I am struggling printing color skin tones in portraits. But you are right…I need to do more with color, a whole new learning curve, and study it more.

    I will be checking on your work sometimes, and I hope you will have the time to stay in touch once in a while. I truly wish you the best in all the different paths you take during your life!

    Most kind regards,

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