Streets Of Tokyo: Shinagawa © 2010 Konstantin Volke. All rights reserved.

Streets Of Tokyo: Shinagawa

Taken in Tokyo, Japan.

Shinagawa (品川) literally means river (or stream) of goods. And looking at this photograph the meaning also visually remains.It’s indeed a stream of goods.

Today Shinagawa is one of the largest stations in Tokyo sorrounded by many skyscrapers for the workers.

But there’s also a big hotel complex (Prince Hotel) which is famous for its wedding parties.Weddings are a matter for itself here in Japan. The official party seldomly takes longer than 3 or 4 hours after which all guest go back home.

But even more “interesting” is the fact that every guest is supposed to make a money gift of around 20.000 Yen (which is about 160 Euros as of today). Ridicously enough the wedding party itself costs already around 4.000.000 Yen (or around 32.000 Euro). Thus, the to-be-married-couple invits a large number of guests to more or less cover the cost.

After the wedding I picked up Sacco from the hotel and had a glance at the bride who looked very beautiful and happy.

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